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Friday, April 25, 2014

Birdhouse Kits

Posted by Michael Walrath on 07/05/2009

Birdhouse kit

Now, this is a birdhouse

Birdhouse kits like the ones we have created at Rusty’s Rustic Bird Cabins, need no glue, no hammer, no nails, no tools of any kind to assemble. Our birdhouse kits assemble easily by simply fitting the pieces together, then slip in a few dowels and you have a stylish, long lasting, eco-friendly birdhouse that all bird lovers will love, and birds will love to nest in.

All of our birdhouse kits are made right here in the United States, Rusty’s Rustic Bird Cabins, birdhouse kits are made from real wood, not cheap plywood. Rusty’s bird houses are well ventilated, just perfect for any nesting bird. You won’t find a cooler birdhouse on the market, making eggs are safer and mother birds more comfortable when lying. Birdhouse kits by Rusty contain no dangerous paints, no toxic lacquers or varnishes and no poisonous leads to harm birds. Environmentally safe, Rusty’s Rustic Bird Cabins provide a safe haven for many endangered bird species.

When considering a bird house kit the birdhouse opening sizes is important in attracting birds. That’s why at Rusty’s Rustic Bird Cabins we designed our birdhouse kits with different opening sizes for a variety of different bird types. We also know that different birds are attracted by the birdhouse heights from the ground to the house. Rusty’s quality, rustic birdhouse kits include a weather resistant, hanging cable along with a weather resistant fastener for added durability, to makes the height of the birdhouse kit adjustable.

At Rusty’s we understands that some bird species nest in individual bird houses, while other bird species nest in groups. Knowing that there are many bird types that nest in large groups, Rusty has created the nail-less, glue-less, easy for you to assemble Birdhouse Kit and Bird Condo. The Birdhouse Kit and Bird Condo comes in stackable sections. You can add as few or as many section as you want. The more sections you stack, the more birds you are sure to attract.

A birdhouse kit from Rusty’s Rustic Bird Cabins is a beautiful addition to any yard. Our birdhouse kits are perfect for non-profits, fund raisers, for church, school, scouts, and nature organizations. They also make a great gift as well.

Rusty’s birdhouse kits are so easy to assemble that a child can do it. Enhance your nature experience, and be kind to the environment, get a Rusty’s Rustic Bird Cabin, Birdhouse kit today! Kits come with or without the perch, comes un-assembled, or for a minimal fee, we can assemble your birdhouse kit for you.

Please go to our Products Page link above for more information or to purchase one of Rusty’s Rustic Bird Cabins or birdhouse kits.